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We serve as a gateway to cast light and to unite minds in order to promote  cause of greater good for all humanity.

In 1998, Marc DESCHENAUX has founded the World Intellectual Property Securities Exchange Corporation (WIPSEC), the first exchange quoting a new type of securities representing ownership of a patent, a trademark, a music work, a movie or a technology. For the first time, investors might invest in IP assets as classical securities on marketplaces.


WIPSEC planned to make IP rights negotiable on the stock market that is a major innovation both in IP and in financial areas. However, as banking establishments needed several years to accept a new exchange, WIPSEC could not achieve its project. Today, the conditions to trade IP assets on the stock exchange are present, so the founders created IPSE to use and improve the WIPSEC’s concept. 

IPSE is an American company that was founded by Philippe FROEHLICHER, Richard ORMOND and Marc DESCHENAUX on December 2014. With IPSE, the founders designed a securitization system that increases the control of authors, artists, inventors or other IP holders over their IP rights. The founders and their team are convinced that IP securitization is necessary and that it will financially help to sustain research and creative projects. The securitization process is able to generate new funds for authors, artists or inventors resulting from the assignment of the securities on the private and public markets. The incorporation of IP rights into securities and their management by IPSE shall remove the risk of loss of royalties relative to the works of the author, artist or inventor.

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